We at Art & Furniture Repair strive for excellence and go beyond to satisfy our customers. Trust us to care for your cherished furnitureWe provide home owners with an affordable way to replacing that damaged or priceless piece of furniture or room.


Looking to redecorate but finding it to be too expensive? Found some old or damaged furniture that would look great with your decor? We are here to the rescue and will provide you with an affordable way to replacing that damaged piece of furniture or refinishing that room. The piece you have is worth keeping, so let us help you achieve great results for your furniture repairs and refinishing.


We use the highest quality finishing products and work closely with our customers and suppliers as choosing the right colour or finish can be overwhelming. Your furniture is hand stripped and sanded; at this time we are able to do some test colours and you are able to approve your selection. Then the entire piece is coloured and sealed, with a number of coats before the finish is applied. Smooth sanding is often done between coats to give you that beautiful look and smooth finish.


Have a business and need a new decor? Don't discard that old or worn out looking piece of furniture; Refresh, Refinish & Reuse


Selling furniture and have damaged inventory? Don't discard it and reduce your inventory; Repair Restore and Resell



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